Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!!!!

I have a few friends who are also doing the 365 year in photos project and I thought I would "jump on the bandwagon" as well.  Anyone who knows me knows I love spamming pictures pretty much on a daily basis (and they still love me anyways!) so I figured it shouldn't be too hard for me to keep up with this...... we shall see I guess.  I hope I can make myself post at least 1 picture each day and think it will be awesome at this time next year to be able to go through them all.

I hope you all will take this journey with me.  Maybe even create your own 365 journey as well!

Fitting for my crazy hectic life my first photo for this year is our 2010 Christmas tree, sadly STILL up.  I finally moved it off the center island table in the kitchen to the kitchen floor a few days ago so I could at least have my work space back.  I hope to find the time to get it all down and put away tomorrow!  Its bad luck to take it down before Jan 1 anyways right? haha  I think that superstition was invented by lazy and/or busy people who didn't take their decorations down right after Christmas.

2010 Christmas Tree

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